Safe Learning for 2020-2021

We believe three essential components are necessary for a quality after school program to best support a student’s academic and life-long success: caring relationships, trained staff, and a environment designed for learning

Caring Relationships - Children are social beings and require nurturing relationships with key adults in their lives. Our teachers, tutors, and staff seek to build relationships with students so that they can effectively guide and support their academic success and social/emotional development. We are able to achieve this because of our low student-to-teacher/tutor ratio.


Trained Staff – Our teachers are dedicated, qualified and experienced. All tutors are trained and supervised by our teachers. Teachers will assess and monitor the progress of every student.


Learning Environment – All students require a safe positive environment to study and to work on their homework. Opportunities for physical activity and free play are provided to nurture students’ ongoing social and emotional development.

Urban Christian Academy 2020

Fall Program Options

for K - High School Students

Urban Christian Academy’s Safe Learning Center for K- 8 Students

UCA’s goal is to provide a positive safe environment to help students learn and grow throughout the school year
while also minimizing infection risk associated with COVID-19.
We want to bridge the gap between homes and local schools as we support the holistic development of children
and youth.

What is a Safe Learning Center at UCA?
Safe Learning Center at UCA is a place for students to learn during the current pandemic while parents work.
Students are placed in small groups by grade levels. Each small group will be treated as a learning pod to provide
a balance between safe social interaction and academic learning. Students in a learning pod will stay together
for the school day. One academic tutor will be assigned to each learning pod.
CPS is planning on about 5 hours of remote learning every school day.
Our tutors will work with students to follow their school schedules, check on assignments, and support timely
completion of school work. We will also track grades and academic performance of students.

Each safe learning pod will:

  • Have help with homework and remote learning; Students will follow CPS remote learning schedules for their schools.

  • Have safe social interactions with other students to support the learning process.

  • Meet social and emotional needs of students.

  • Have opportunities for physical exercise and fresh air (weather permitting).


Safety Measures at UCA in compliance with Center for Disease Control (CDC)

  • Daily temperature checks for students and staff

  • Three Ws throughout the day

    • Wear face masks

    • Watch your distance

    • Wash your hands (every hour)

  • Daily and frequent cleaning routine for desks, shared spaces, and bathrooms

  • Students seated with protective barriers to reduce transmission of virus

  • Students required to stay home if sick

  • Parents required to sign an agreement to follow all safety measures at UCA

Flexible scheduling available to meet parents’ work schedules. Enroll for as many days as needed.

Students will need to bring their own headphone w/ microphone. 

Hours available for Safe Learning Center are from 7:30am – 2:30pm.

Additional hours are available from 2:30-6:00pm and will be considered after school hours. With the after school
option, students will be provided snacks, physical exercise, enrichment activities such as art or music, and
homework help, if applicable.

In Person Options for K-8


Option P1  Safe Learning Center 7:30am - 2:30pm


  • Available for K-8 students

  • Help with homework and remote learning for students’ schools

  • Safe social interactions with other students.

  • Meet social and emotional needs of students.

  • Opportunities for physical exercise and fresh air outdoors

  • Safety measures - 3 Ws

    • Wear face masks

    • Watch your distance

    • Wash your hands (every hour)


Option P2  After School Program Only 2:30-6:00pm


  • Snacks

  • Physical exercise

  • Enrichment activities such as art or music

  • Homework help


Option P3  Safe Learning Center and After School Program 7:30am - 6:00pm

Fee Schedules for Options P1, P2, P3

*Additional time beyond 8 hours a day @ $4/hour per child

Urban Christian Academy’s Safe Learning Center for High School Students


At UCA, we believe in the holistic development and growth of our students. We believe God has created every person with a body, mind, and spirit, and that all of these parts of a person require nurture and attention to bring about good health. 


With the current pandemic of COVID-19, our high school students’ lives, development, and education have been greatly disrupted. A recent article published by Psychology Today highlights some of the negative effects of the pandemic on both children and youth:

  • Increased social isolation from friends and other high school students

  • Increased stress at home and relationships with parents; parents have to assume responsibility for learning at home

  • Less physical activity

  • Increased mental and emotional stress


In Person for High School Students (Option P4)
Safe Learning Center

  • Help with homework and remote learning for students' schools

  • Study for quizzes and tests in small groups

  • Study and prepare for PSAT or SAT exams

  • Safe social interactions with other students

  • Opportunities for physical exercise and fresh air outdoors

  • Safety measures - 3 Ws

    • Wear face masks

    • Watch your distance

    • Wash your hands (every hour)

  • Opportunities for volunteer service hours for high school


Enroll for as many days as needed.

Hourly Rate: $4.00/hour

No sibling discount


Students will need to bring their own headphone w/ microphone.

Remote Online Options for K-8


Option R5   Small Group Homework Help ($15/hour)

  • One tutor and a group of four or less students to help with school and homework

  • Select the number of hours interested


Option R6   One-on-One Homework Help ($25/hour)

  • One tutor to work with one student on school and homework


Option R7  One-on-One Academic Tutoring ($30/hour)

  • Tutor in specific subject such as Math or Spanish, no homework help provided

Option R8  Enrichment Group Classes with A Teacher (Saturday mornings only) ($200 for 4 classes)

  • Group interactive class for two hours with a teacher. Opportunity to learn new materials and develop communication skills. Focus: Science or Social Studies with Writing, Listening, and Reading

  • Classes offered Saturday mornings from 10am - 12 noon for four weeks starting October 3.

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